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CMP.jobs is a unique access to real, verified and exclusive job information in real-time. It's hassle-free, cost-free and non-invasive. It's an oasis of real opportunity in a desert of time-consuming dead ends. Here job seekers can have their piece of mind while at the same time be privy to the hottest opportunities in their field.

Information for IT Job Candidates

What's going on with the Financial technology job market?

This is one of those rare times in history when seemingly no one knows what's going on. Recruiting firms like Capital Markets Placement can help you through it. Our day starts with extensive research of the latest news in the job markets for IT, computers, programming, technology and finance. Throughout the day we continuously ping our clients in IT, Investment Banks, and Hedge Funds, and speak to hundreds of IT professionals.

IT Job Listings Updated in Real Time

Although job boards provide lots of job listings, they most fail to deliver the kind of results job candidates are looking for. Job listings are often expired and left displayed long after the IT jobs have been filled.

CMP.jobs solves the problem of static IT job boards by streaming job openings in real time as they come in directly from the hiring managers.

Job listings at www.CMP.jobs include information that is unavailable anywhere else and aims to serve in the best interest of job seekers. The real-time job listings include a date-stamp of when actual jobs were created within the hiring organization. This kind of detail saves job hunters a tremendous amount of time in their search. CMP.jobs arms Job candidates with solid information that will enable them to better organize their efforts on job listings that meet their requirements and avoid the ones that don't.


CMP is one of the leading recruiters for IT jobs in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. In addition to jobs in NY, NJ, and CT, we also have a growing client base in Chicago, the San Francisco and the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Texas and more.

IT Jobs by Specialty


Jobs for qualified programmers include those specific skills in coding, such as C++, Java, AJAX, ColdFusion, LAMP, and Python. We also seek, those with job experience in maintaining, testing, and design computer programs, as well as those with experience debugging software and maintaining software architecture.

Network Infrastructure

CMP recruits many job candidates with experience managing computer network infrastructure in a professional setting. Computer networking job candidates will often have experience with LAN management, server administration, database maintenance, and general IT troubleshooting.

Business Analysis

CMP has many clients in business, consulting, and financial services, and values those with tech experience. We have many Business Analysts, Business Technologists and Business Development jobs. We seek applicants with experience with trading, equities, derivatives and futures markets, as well as financial software such as Calypso, Murex, Findur/AVS, and more.

Project Management

CMP's primary source of project management jobs involve IT and computer management. We recruit job candidates with experience or expertise suited for a computer specialist position. Project management jobs can involve many different systems. Desired skills include PHP, SQL, Oracle, ASP, .NET, PERL, Apache and web development.

Creative/ Interative

Jobs in web design, webmastering, graphics design and web display are among the most widespread, and most competitive, computer jobs on the market. CMP looks to match you up with the jobs best suited for your skills. Desired skills for creative/interactive jobs include Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, PHP, HTML/CSS, CMS, copywriting, and video and audio editing.

Jobs by Industry

Capital Markets

CMP featurs many jobs in various levels of the business, financial, and banking industries. Job candidates can find potential opportunities in a variety of capital markets, including the stock exchange, underwriting, securities, options, futures, derivatives, exotics, hedge funds, prime brokeradges, quantitative analysis and modeling.

New Media

Web 2.0 jobs are a new booming, industry, and CMP provides jobs with experience in new media programming, marketing, and development. Among the new media skills involve: Web Analytics, SEO/SEM, PPC, social media, blogging, and online marketing.




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