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Employer is a leading programmatic marketing platform that learns. Through artificial intelligence at big data scale, we optimize performance, awareness, and lift across channels for agencies and marketers. At over 1,000 employees strong, our bold and innovative team continues to reach new frontiers while fueling incredible success for our customers.

What you will do:

Employer’s technology platform supports a real-time bidding system that handles over 100 billion events every day (vs ~ 3 billion daily Google search queries), a reporting system that aggregates and analyzes terabytes of data in real-time, and a learning system that applies machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to over 40 petabytes of data. These systems all work in harmony so that Employer can serve the right advertisement to the right user at the right time.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning team’s work sits at the core of our technology as the key decision making agent for our systems. We research and develop the algorithms and models that make our software intelligent, as well as implementing, scaling, and maintaining the code that powers our production systems.

Some of the problems we work on include:

  • Click/Conversion Prediction: How do you use the rich data we have about users to make predictions? How do you handle conversion events that are really rare, such as purchasing a cruise? How do you deal with cold start problems?
  • Bidding Strategies: How do you translate a click or conversion score into a bid? What if it’s a first price auction, second price auction, or has a floor? How do you take into account pacing for hour of day, day of week, and special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas?
  • A/B Testing: When is a result significant? How do you weight across many different campaigns?
  • Fraud Detection: Many users of the web are not human, but rather bots, crawlers, or other pieces of software that is loading web pages. How do you detect these users and protect Employer from showing ads to them?
  • Recommender Systems: Employer dynamically tailors ads to each user, including the products shown. How do you decide which products to show in just a few milliseconds?

We work with some of the most cutting edge technologies to solve these problems, including Yarn/Hadoop (close to 2000 nodes), Spark, Hive, Hbase, and Storm. We program mostly in Scala, Java, and Python.

We are looking for talented, intellectually curious, and motivated individuals who are interested in tackling the problems above. This position is for a Director role that requires strong leadership capabilities in addition to a solid technical foundation in AI, Machine Learning, or a related field.

About Employer:

#15 on Deloitte’s 500 Fastest Growing Technology Companies, Employer has an active customer count of almost 1,500 that includes 96 of the top 100 Ad Age brands. Through Moment Scoring™, Employer taps into a massive big data architecture to access informative, anonymous data about an individual. Our AI can then determine the likelihood that the consumer will engage with a specific ad, on a specific device, at a precise moment in time. Our staff of nearly 200 engineers ensure that Employer solutions are the best in the industry and can scale to the needs of our data-driven system.

Born in the ad-tech crucible of the Silicon Valley, it wasn't long before Employer grew into an indispensable partner for our customers. But our swift and sustained success wasn't luck; it was a result of a bold and innovative team tackling immense challenges at every step of the way.

Employer has matured into a preeminent programmatic marketing partner now experiencing an exciting new wave of growth. Today, we rely on our talented employees more than ever before. That's why we empower our staff to make a unique impact by providing them the tools and resources needed to succeed, and we carefully nurture a culture that emphasizes individuality and a healthy balance between work and life.


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