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Duties & Responsibilities
• Lead, manage, and evangalize the Corporate Dashboarding effort that is our vehicle for the promotion data and analytics throughout the company's businesses
• Assess the current state of data-based decision support systems used throughout the company and identify hypotheses around specific areas ripe for improvement through superior data analytics. This would be done on an iterative basis.
• Design pilots and trials within a subset of station operations to test the hypothesis
• Project manage activated trials/pilots: implement improved decision support systems, measure and refine them, monitor results and document/value outcomes
• Tee up successfully completed pilot programs for enterprise-wide roll-out; Propose initiatives that fail to achieve anticipated outcomes be shuttered on a timely basis.
• Monitor and measure ongoing outcomes from deployed programs, identifying processes requiring additional intervention and those ripe for ongoing improvement
• Prepare regular updates to other senior leaders around areas of focus, results and outcomes
• Assist in the preparation of annual budgets and long range plans
• Collaborate with the professionals driving similar analytic-powered efforts in other divisions of the company
• Promote the utilization shared datasets, toolsets and infrastructure that are maintained by the company's Data Services team
• Source new datasets, advocate for their acquisition, and integrate them into the company's Data Warehouse

Desired Skills and Experience
Key Skills & Competencies
• Five years’ work experience performing analytics using big datasets in order to drive better outcomes, with a preference to having done so within the media or advertising sector
• Proven skills at using sophisticated modeling, data manipulation, forecasting and analytic techniques
• Experienced user of advanced statistical package. Prefer SAS and R.
• Experienced SQL programmer.
• Experience working in a UNIX environment and scripting
• Experience working with Amazon AWS (primarily using S3, EC2, and Redshift).
• Expert with Excel: macro and Visual Basic experience a plus
• Strong presentation and communication skills
• Bachelor’s degree in data or computer science, statistics or economics. Advanced degree preferred.
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