Senior Software Engineer (PHP/Java)

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What you’ll be doing Imagine, implement, test, and iterate on new features Scaling a web application that is used by some of the world’s largest brands Working in a diverse, dynamic environment that leverages multiple tools and languages Finding ways to remove obstacles, and weaknesses that slow you down Qualification Ability to pick any language or tool that is the right for the job and “run with it” You should have vast experience with at least one of: Python, PHP, Ruby, Java or C# An understanding of object-oriented programming and software design patterns Excellent analytical and problem solving skills Strong intra-team communication and ability to express ideas Have opinions on how things should be planned, implemented, and maintained Excels in a pragmatic team that wants the best tools, cleanest code, and best product Nice to haves Dedication to unit testing, code review and other quality-oriented practices Experience building tools that interact with social-networking and CRM services Experience with NoSQL databases Experience with building APIs Our Environment AWS (EC2, EBS, ELB, SQS, S3) Linux (Ubuntu) nginx PHP Node.js Backbone.js Elasticsearch MySQL Cassandra Hadoop Redis Kafka ZeroMQ Vagrant Ansible read more