Fixed Income Support

New York, NY Full Time Live

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Minimum qualifications:
• Minimum 5+ year’s experience in trade floor Production Support
• Good understanding of Fixed income Rates products (Credit and Swaps a bonus) with knowledge of Risk, Position and P&L Management, Order Management, etc.
• Experience with electronic trading applications that have connectivity to external trading applications such as Bloomberg, Tradeweb, eSpeed and MarkItWire to send / retrieve information
• Knowledge in Perl, ksh / csh / bourne shell programming
• Able to troubleshoot problems in multiple environments
• Strong technical and analytical skills
• Excellent communication skills, ability to multi-task, and work towards tight deadlines
• Able to handle a fast paced trading environment
• Sense of urgency when handling production issues impacting the desk / firms ability to do business
• Experience of monitoring software and maintaining and improving rule bases

Preferred skills:
• Fixed income and derivatives product experience
• ITRS setup and configuration
• FIX Protocol
• ION Trading Platform
• STP solutions read more