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This data intelligence SaaS company has evolved from startup to scaling mode and is carefully growing it’s engineering team. We’re looking for full stack engineers who know their way around databases and can create quality API’s for our products. You help us build new models from data pulls and create better ways to present it with SOA. You’ll create API’s that pull data from feeds & other sources while also integrating data from 3rd party APIs and web scraping. Some challenges we’re working on include finding ways to shift the SOA from conventional web to a more personalized mobile platform. We’re also creating internal systems to help our sales process so there’s some good interaction with the business development team. You’ll collaborate with other software engineers & machine learning teams, taking on data intensive coding projects along with new mobile initiatives and internal software to help scale the business. You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to our growth by taking part in team hack days to introduce new ideas for the business. We’re profitable and scaling, having grown from a bootstrapped startup 6 years ago to a player in the data intelligence space. Later this year we’re moving into a larger office so there’s a synergetic & ambitious buzz among our team of now 60+. We’re large enough to give you some big coding problems to work on, yet small enough to offer the growth potential under our co-founders. Right now our tech stack includes Python, C++, JavaScript, jQuery, React, MySQL, Go, PHP We look for engineers with undergraduate degrees in computer science, mathematics or related engineering fields, and ideally 5 years of real work experience out of college. You don’t have to come from our exact tech stack, but should be a real object oriented developer. You should know your way around database architecture, preferably in an Agile, open source environment. You should know how to build APIs for the movement of data and business logic for front end software products. A big help would be if you know how to move conventional SOA to mobile. read more