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Certified Flight Instructor - Redding, California

Minimum position requirements:

  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor ASEL Certification
  • FAA Medical Certificate, Class 3

Because we are the standard in professional pilot training we set the bar for providing one of the best CFI compensation packages in the industry. Employer is seeking Certified Flight Instructors who are driven and dedicated to providing the highest-quality flight training at our Redding California training center.

In addition to an industry best compensation package, our instructors receive training that embodies the same standardization as most airlines and flight departments worldwide, preparing them for their careers in aviation.

  • Starting salary pay scale; (Salaried positions)
    • CFI $43,682
    • CFI/CFII $45,120
    • CFI/CFII/MEI $46,724

  • $1500 new hire bonus after completion of training and proficiency check
  • Medical, Dental and Vision
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • 90 days free housing in our very nice, fully furnished apartments or $1500 relocation allowance
  • Performance based bonus structure
  • Our contracts with the Chinese Airlines provides guaranteed students for our instructors to train
  • Because of our location, over 325 VFR days to build flight time
  • We can assist our instructors in acquiring additional ratings
  • Our instructor standardization is done with airline-focused standards, which helps prepare our instructors for their professional career track
  • Uniforms, sectional charts, Jeppesen Charts, checklists and reference books

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