Senior Java Developer (EDM)

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Our client's EDM (Enterprise Data Management) team has an immediate opening for a Java contract developer to work on our AutoBuild system, which creates financial instruments data based on product types, vendor data, and complex business rules. Here are some of our high-level requirements: - Object Oriented Programming: design patterns, object architecture, change management. - Java Development Ecosystem: Spring, Maven, Ant, JUnit, SVN, others. - Concurrency: Runnable and Thread, efficient and dynamic partitioning of workload. - Messaging: message delivery using Message Queues, Advanced Message Processing System (AMPS), others. - Databases: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Mongo. - Data Structures & Collections: List, Set, Map, Tree, and others. - JVM and Memory Management: Java runtime memory allocation and garbage collection. - Other Languages: C#, Python, others. - Communications: clear and concise in written and spoken communication. - Team Player: ability to work in a global team and with business and other technology stakeholders. - Production Support: available to support, investigate, and fix production issues. read more

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