Senior Mobile Engineer

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This role maybe for you if – • You want your projects to have a significant impact on the team and the company • You thrive in fast-paced, highly collaborative teams of 3-5 engineers • You value driven, supportive coworkers who respect quality code • You are intrigued by a content app that works gracefully without network connection • You are passionate about creating delightful experiences for shoppers In a typical week you might – • Design and develop a fast, reliable offline data cache to support detecting walk-ins offline • Implement a geofencing system to show personalized messages when users are near a store • Review the architecture for showing hot deals at a users favorite stores • Investigate slow scrolling performance on a list of recommended products • Mentor junior engineers on defensive coding and designing decoupled, reusable modules We are looking for – • 2-5 years developing and shipping software on native mobile platforms (iOS and/or Android) • 7+ years of experience designing and building consumer software • Strong coding ability in Objective-C or Java • Excellent team player with strong communication skills (verbal and written) • Enthusiastic about collaborative problem solving • Eagerness to solve challenging problems • Love of learning and trying new things • Considerable experience with animations and touch-based interfaces • Deep understanding of memory management, multi-threading, and persistent storage • Solid understanding of sources of performance bottlenecks in native mobile applications • Extensive hands on experience with native frameworks such as Core Location and Grand Central Dispatch on iOS and Activities / Fragments and Geofencing on Android read more

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