Calibration Technician (Building Engineer)

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Employer is looking for Calibration Technician (Building Engineer) in Louisville, KY. This local job opportunity with ID 643177 is live since 10/10/2017.
JOB SUMMARY   Apply knowledge of measurement science, mathematics, physics, and electronics to calibrate inspection, measurement, and test equipment (IM&TE) in Acoustics, pH/Conductivity, Capacitance, Inductance, Power, Resistance, RF Power, Voltage, Photometric Sources, Color Temperature, Physical Dimensional, Flow, Force, Hardness, Mass, Pressure, Vacuum, Scales, Force, Viscosity disciplines to ensure measurement accuracy. Identify and utilize appropriate measurement procedures. Perform corrective actions to address identified measurement problems. Adapt equipment, standards, and procedures to accomplish unique measurements. Understand basic uncertainty contributor. Must have good communications skills. Perform calibrations at customer’s facilities. Maintain calibration standards. Perform laboratory and/or departmental housekeeping.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Calibrates inspection, measurement and test equipment in accordance to established calibration procedures in one of the following disciplines – Physical/Dimensional, Electrical, Pressure/Flow, Temperature, Force, Mass, Velocity, Torque, Time equipment, systems and controls.   Record data gathered during calibration in CMMS system   Generate Certificates of Calibration and/or Out Of Tolerance Reports as required and in correct media appropriate to meet customer requirements.   Maintain Primary and/or intrinsic calibration standards.   Maintain secondary and/or working calibration standards.   Communicates with customers as necessary to understand their requirements and to convey calibration results.   Use calibration software when required to expedite calibration times and to adjust calibration devices.   Complies with company policies and procedures and adheres to company standards.   Performs work in accordance with approved equipment, calibration, maintenance and safety procedures.   Assists in Maintaining laboratory ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.   Identify all major uncertainty contributors for all calibration methods and can perform basic uncertainties as needed.   Performs calibrations at customer locations. Must be able to determine the standards needed for the job, perform opening and closing meetings with customer and prepare WO for closure by the Metrology Coordinator.   Must be physically able to perform basic maintenance tasks to the highest caliber, which includes ability to: climb ladders, work in confined spaces and lift heavy objects weighing up to 50 lbs.   Must be a team player committed to working in a quality environment.   Performs other duties as required.   QUALIFICATIONS Required Skills Two-year degree, scientific field of study preferred or equivalent related work experience One year experience in instrumentation and control or installing, calibrating, maintaining and repairing equipment or equivalent experience.Preferred Skills  Must have appropriate license or certification where required by federal, state or local laws. Working knowledge of computers. May be required to be able to read and work from blueprints, schematic diagrams and specification manuals.  May require experience specific to the pharmaceutical R&D industry including the making of chemical standards using appropriate techniques for weighing, pipetting, mixing, diluting, and verifying concentrations. Have a basic understanding of customer regulatory requirements; FDA, GMP, GLP, ISO (specific to pharmaceutical industry) and use of scientific notation.  read more

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