Senior UX Research

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• We will frame out our research template, format and final deliverables • We will conduct in-person interviews at the required UI centers in the U.S. • Interviews and product demos can also be conducted in-person and remotely • We will become intimately knowledgeable of the current customer software platforms, the elements of customer’s Visual Design Language, and the customer UI design principles. • We will engage with various product management teams to become familiar with customer’s user personas, immediate competitors and customer’s overall business segmentation. • We will conduct research on competitive software platforms for 12 competitor applications. • We will create a subjective analysis document providing insight on why the UI and feature set better competes in the marketplace • We will provide an objective analysis providing insight on why the UI and feature set better competes in the market place • We will perform research and strategic analysis services to provide insight customer’s visual design language. Special attention will be paid to its alignment with contemporary UI design metrics in the relevant market sector. • Results to be collated into a presentation. • Part of a 4 person UX research team to deliver final presentation read more

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