Senior Software Engineer (Haskell)

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Our client is a next generation SaaS communication platform. They are expanding our team of full-stack Haskell developers. The company has partnered with Obsidian Systems, a leading Haskell consulting company, to create one of the world’s most ambitious full-stack Haskell products. The entire product is based on Haskell. The backend is built on GHC, Snap, and PostgreSQL, leveraging CQRS principles. Our client's frontend is written in GHCJS, rooted deeply in Reflex-DOM and WebSockets to achieve a real-time system with declarative programming. Everything is built with Nix, which they use to deploy to AWS. The company is a well-funded startup company with an innovative approach that has received interest from Fortune 500 companies and industry thought leaders. The company’s co-founders each have 30+ years of experience as successful entrepreneurs and in private equity and M&A. Our client has assembled a group of sophisticated investors, advisors and partners who are committed to success. Our client is looking for Haskell Software Developers to expand their in-house development team, and work with Obsidian Systems. You will deliver software while being involved in both technical and design decisions. Experience in web development and with Haskell are important, but the right candidate can do some learning on the job. They’re looking for hard workers and really smart people. read more

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